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Gone With the Wynns: Ice climbing exit glacier

From the bloggers at Gone With the Wynns.

Ice climbing. Descending down into the belly of a glacier and becoming a part of a world we so rarely have the chance to see. This is big! It’s a bucket list adventure and one I have to do again but, not entirely for the obvious reasons.

I was ready for this. We just hiked our first glacier a couple of weeks ago and I’ve mentally prepared myself knowing I wanted to memorize every element, allowing myself to be consumed by the experience. With our cameras rolling and our game faces on we headed out to Kenai Fjords National Park.

I love sharing and reliving these adventures through video and photography, but even though I was there, it’s hard to believe that it was actually me.

Immersed in the Ice Climbing experience and surrounded by deep blue walls of slow moving ice, listening to an orchestra comprised of drips, trickles, flows, snaps and pops. I tried my best to breathe it all in but to be completely honest, it was hard to focus.

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