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Gone with the Wynns - Dawson Creek

Gone With The Wynns: Alaskan Highway Part 1

From the bloggers at Gone With The Wynns:

The Alaska Highway was built during World War II, more for U.S. military purposes than for the general public, however the road was officially opened for public travel in 1948.  Over the years the highway has slightly changed route and has been upgraded many times.  The road is commonly referred to as the “Alaska Highway” or the “ALCAN” since a great portion of the route is in Canada.

Throughout our travels we’ve talked with many people who’ve warned us “the highway to Alaska is horrible, and it will destroy your RV,” but we didn’t find that to be the case at all, at least this portion of the Alaska Highway is nicely paved and in good condition.

Here in part 1, we’ll cover our travel route and destinations from Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson.

To see Gone With The Wynn’s review of the first part of their Alaskan journey, and see a video about their busted windshield, click here.

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