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Gone with the Wynns: Alaska Proof – Our RV tow car solutions

From the bloggers at Gone with the Wynns

When we first started planning our RV road trip to Alaska we were warned over and over about the dreaded roads we would encounter. With all those scary stories about the horrible roads we were concerned about our little RV tow car. I searched online with questions like “How to prepare an RV tow car for Alaska” and “How can I protect my dinghy in Alaska” but I didn’t find much on the subject.  So I called Roadmaster (the company that makes our tow bar) and asked them for advice.

Our biggest concern was the sheer number of miles we planned to drag our tow car on this long Alaska trip, and I just knew that something bad was going to happen if we didn’t prepare our toad for the worst of it.  How can we “Alaska Proof” our tow car?” I asked.  Come to find out they have an “Alaska Tow Car Package” which I found odd considering it’s not listed on their website and I couldn’t find it anywhere online, but I digress.  We did order the recommended Alaska tow car solutions and once we picked up the new RV I promptly installed them (mainly because if I made a mistake I knew we could get it fixed before we left the Fleetwood factory in Indiana).

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