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Go RVing: Why everyone should go RVing in the fall

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

Many RVers will tell you that fall is their favorite time of the year to go RVing. Much of the country transforms into a spectacle of color and beauty during this time of year, but that’s just part of it. Here’s just a few of the reasons why we think everyone should schedule a fall RV trip before they winterize or, if they’re snowbirds, head south for the winter.

Fall foliage is nature’s way of making us smile. With tracking sites on the Internet, we’re able to know the exact days the foliage will be peaking so it’s easy to make camping plans for the right dates at the right spots.

It’s incredible how much the foliage can change in just a few weeks. If you’re a full-timer or have flexibility with your time, you might want to consider heading to a scenic area while it’s still a little green and stay a few weeks to watch this incredible event unfold.

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