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Go RVing - Colors of Colorado

Go RVing: The amazing colors of Colorado

From the bloggers at Go RVing:

According to locals this has been an unusual Colorado fall. Warmer temperatures stayed through late October and the leaves hung around a bit longer on the trees. One woman even told me she can’t remember the last time she wore shorts in October. We soaked in all the sunshine and color as we explored southern Colorado.

Up in the mountains, not too far from Salida, is a gorgeous campground nestled among the mountains and along the Arkansas River called Helca Junction. It’s a primitive campground without amenities but who needs amenities when you got gorgeous views and your own bed, kitchen, and bathroom, in the RV.

Thing 2 insisted on carrying Thing 3 in the backpack. There are about a million things I love about RVing but if I had to give you just one, it would be the bonds our boys have formed through our travels. They may not always get along, but at the end of the day I know this time together is priceless and they will have memories to share for the rest of their lives.

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