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Go RVing: Spring hopping around Fla. with the family

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

Swimming in a natural spring is like nothing else. The water is so clear and perfect; you’ll never want to settle for a swimming pool again! Florida has an abundance of gorgeous springs, so pack your reusable water bottles and swimsuits and explore some of the best spots in the state.

The biggest mineral spring in the world is in North Port, Florida. More than an acre in circumference and almost 250 feet deep, it’s really more like a pond than a spring and it’s geothermally heated, making it one of only two hot springs in the state.

The temperature generally holds steady at 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface, 97 degrees at the lowest vent. Thousands of visitors come every year to float on the warm water (high mineral content makes the water extra buoyant), explore the underground caves, and soak up the many alleged health benefits.

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