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Go RVing: RV storage solutions and organization

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

The majority of RV interiors have been designed with organization in mind. There are usually ample cabinets, dressers and compartments under the furniture. Not to mention the storage bays accessed from the outside of the RV. Even with all the space, a little extra organization can go a long way. Not only will you make the most of your space, you won’t have to worry about finding this or that thing or battling clutter because everything will have its place.

So let’s go through the RV room by room and talk storage solutions and organization.

Kitchen/Living Area

In most RVs the kitchen and living area is combined into one space. Our kitchen and living area is the heart of our RV. It’s where we gather for food, conversation, games, and entertainment. Often Brent or I will prepare food while the rest of the family sits and chats with us. Having this area organized not only makes food preparation easier, it contributes to a warm and welcoming space the whole family can enjoy.

While our RV came with plenty of cabinets, much of the space inside the cabinets was wasted because there weren’t shelves, just a big open space. Adding an extra shelf or two greatly increased the space and makes it easier to put things away.

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