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Go RVing: Rolling with Rhonda

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

I have come to believe that this whole idea of creating the life you dream may sell posters, but ultimately, is a setup for disappointment if your dream is not already what you love. Rhonda Coleman is one of those people who combined the skills gained in her career in Public Relations and Marketing with her passion for the outdoors and mixed it with a love for design and a dose of reality.

In the end, she created a dream job not by strategic planning and concentrated efforts, but by simply doing what she loved and by being her funny and lighthearted self in the process.

California-born Rhonda grew up moving from air base to air base with her civilian dad whose work in the space program provided frequent opportunities to move and camp in new locations. It was something she always loved and as an adult living in Bend, Ore., she resurrected her childhood pastime.

This time though she knew she was done with tents and sleeping bags and she bought a vintage trailer. The trailer was a 1958 “Cardi”. She laughingly realizes now that it must have been a Cardinal missing the “nal”, but it was loved. Rhonda made a little weekend home of it and hit the road for the national parks and favorite destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

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