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Go RVing: Mazie strong

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

If children learn what they live, then I wish more children could “live” childhood the way that Maurrie Sussman and Becky Clarke, founders of the Sisters on the Fly, lived their childhoods in the Pacific Northwest. The only two children of Mazie Morrison and her Marine husband Jesse Earl, these close-knit sisters hailed from hearty stock.

Mazie was the first generation of her adventurous Canadian family to be born on U.S. soil and grew up in Yakima, Washington.

With the help of two Los Angeles cousins, Mazie learned to drive and she and her sister took their first ever “sister” road trip.  The adventures the two sisters had on their way home with “the car” are still being laughed about around campfires fifty years later. This ‘raring to go’ mom would set a course of adventure for her two daughters that would affect the lives of more women than she could ever imagine.

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