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Go RVing: Happier trails ahead

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

At the age of 6 weeks Carole Steinberg went on her first camping trip. Her British parents took her tent camping in Wales and she has been camping ever since. She and her younger sister Jeanette lived an outdoor life camping all over England and Wales with their parents.

When Carole was seven the family boarded the Queen Mary and, landing in northeast Pennsylvania, continued their active outdoor life there. Carole became a US citizen when she was 16.  When Carole married a military man and set out to make a life, camping was in the cards. Together she and her husband, Eric, moved wherever the next deployment took them. They lived in the Azores and Japan and camped there with their sons. Once stateside again they moved every few years. Raising their two boys and a foster son who became their own, they all enjoyed the outdoor life.

While stationed in Nevada, Carole spotted a vintage trailer on the side of the road. She went home and told Eric that she wanted to get a vintage trailer and fix it up to camp in. He was not sold on the idea but she kept pursuing it and searching the Internet for chat rooms and web sites having anything at all to do with vintage trailers. Fifteen years ago the plethora of vintage trailer sites that exist today was not there.

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