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Go RVing: Four steps to afford the RV lifestyle

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

Many have dreams of buying an RV. Whether you plan on living in an RV full-time or if you are only interested in the occasional getaway, there are many ways for you to afford one so that you can start living your RV dream.

One of the many factors holding back a potential RVer is that they are unsure if they can afford the RV lifestyle.

The answer: Yes! You just have to do your research, prepare your finances, and be realistic.

Do your homework and know your budget to find the right RV for you!

There are four main components that go into affording the RV lifestyle. By evaluating them, you can do your research and determine how much money you need to save or earn in order to afford the RV lifestyle.

These include setting an RV budget, creating a monthly travel budget, finding ways to save money while on the road, and lastly, earning money on the road. Below is a further description of each.

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