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Go RVing: Five must-haves to stay fit on the road

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

It can be hard to think about exercising when we’re on the road. The brain’s in vacation-mode, which, for some reason, becomes an easy excuse to bail on fitness. But what I learned long ago, right at the beginning of our RVing years, is that workouts on the road are some of the best kinds.

There’s something strangely appealing about it. Maybe it’s the novelty or the chance to use exercise as an excuse to soak in a new environment. Mix in the right fitness gear and things get even more interesting. James and I don’t travel with tons of exercise equipment, because it doesn’t take much to get a great workout. You can actually stay fit with nothing when you get right down to it. But nothing gets boring, and limits your fitness possibilities. Below is a list of the fitness equipment we never leave the driveway without!

1. Yoga mat

You see that yoga mat in the picture? It has tagged along for around 30,000 miles of RV adventures. And if you’ve ever stopped by The Fit RV website, you’ve seen it a time or two. While I’m not sure how many states I’ve unrolled it on (a lot), I am sure yoga mats are our most used piece of RV fitness equipment.

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