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Go RVing: How we find our way in a new city

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

…a long day on the road after a great adventure, pulling into a new city you’ve never visited before, you’re both hungry and have lost the ability to civilly communicate between yourselves. It’s not pretty. We’ve definitely “been there, done that,” which is why we’re here to try to help you avoid the frustration. We have some quick and easy tips for finding cool stuff to eat, drink, and do in a new place. They’ve worked for us, and we hope they work for you too.

Technology is your friend. Use it.

In the past, we’ve suggested that you put away your smart phone and Google Maps and opt for the navigational tools of generations past — paper maps. However, just to make things interesting, we’re now suggesting that you put aside your paper maps and use all of the tech you have to your advantage.

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