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Go RVing: Creative meal packing for camping or exploring

From the bloggers at Go RVing

When camping, traveling, exploring or entertaining allergy free/safe food is always our primary concern. We don’t have the luxury of stopping by a deli for a quick bite, so we had to come up with some creative food storage ideas over the years. Although you might only need to think about what your lunch scenario might be like on your hike, we need to think about each and every meal ahead of us. Whether it is an overnight stay, a day trip, a mid-day snack or 3-day camping excursion, packing food creatively has become a lifestyle for us.

We have come up with some simple food packaging ideas, recipes, and creative container solutions to share that might help all campers well beyond allergy sensitive explorers.

Our food storage concerns always begin with keeping food at the appropriate safe temperature during the time away from the kitchen. The most important tool for us is an ideal cooler, which we usually stuff full with our to-go foods.

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