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Go RVing: Be a healthy RV driver

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

James and I aren’t retired quite yet. On top of running The Fit RV website, we both hold day jobs. James’ job is more flexible than mine since he can work from anywhere as long as there’s an Internet connection. My work as a personal trainer and wellness coach, however, requires me to be home more often so I can check on my trainees in person.

Though sometimes it is really hard to head home.

Because of this, we do a lot of trip juggling. One of the perks of running an RV website is getting invitations for events all over the nation, which we love attending. The downside to this is that sometimes they are far away which equals a lot of ridiculously long drives in a short window of time.

Take our last trip for example. We were invited to come to Tucson to be part of a TV episode on an RVing reality show. But Tucson is more than a 12-hour drive from us, and we only had 4 total days we could be gone. Since we needed two days in Tucson to do the filming, we found ourselves doing some very long days of driving.

Long drives are hard on the body. Many physiological changes happen when we sit for hours on end. Everything slows: circulation, metabolism, digestive system, insulin effectiveness, and even brain function. Plus, staying in a seated position can wreak havoc on your spine. The discs between your vertebrae that normally expand and contract with movement get squished. They can’t soak up the fresh blood and nutrients they need and your back becomes more susceptible to injury (even from something as mundane as reaching for your travel mug).

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