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Go RVing: 5 RV expenses to budget for

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

There is no single RV budget that fits all. The budget available, as well as needs that can be planned for, depend on the type of RV and the RVer’s lifestyle. Some people are able to live their RV dream on $1,000 a month, whereas others may live on budgets higher or lower. However, there are many common expenses that the average RVer encounters.

By knowing these ahead of time, you are more likely to have fun since you won’t have unexpected RVing expenses impacting your monthly budget.

Below are five RV expenses to consider when making your budget.

First things first, know your gas and insurance.

When it comes to gas, there are two types I am referring to: the fuel to drive your RV and the propane. If your RV requires propane to power any appliances or hot water, know how much life you can get out of a tank and plan accordingly.

Fuel prices can also fluctuate widely from month to month and state to state, so knowing the prices in your final destination as well as pit stops along the way is something to consider.

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