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Go RVing: Get the best zzz’s in your RV

From the bloggers at Go RVing.

In fact, I can hear him as I type, which is why he’s made his way in my article. He’s up on the roof pecking at the metal flashing on our chimney. It echoes down into my office, but doesn’t bother me. On the contrary, I find it amusing. He’s like an adorable little pet doing a silly trick.

I’m actually quite impressed with Chee Chee (named by grandgirl Amelia for his cute red cheeks). Despite pesky starlings, violent windstorms, and unusually late spring snow, he persisted with his carpentry project out in the Silver Maple and has a pretty sweet new home and a new female roommate to show for it.

Did you know birds can actually switch off half their brains when they sleep? That’s probably why Chee Chee prevailed against the starling attacks. By keeping one eye open, his eye sends information to the side of Chee Chee’s brain that corresponds with it while awake. So even while Chee Chee sleeps, the awake half of his brain can make decisions to fly or fight, but the other side gets to sleep. Pretty cool, right?

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