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Gizmodo: Living in a van in America

From the bloggers at Gizmodo. 

In August 2014 I put everything I owned into boxes, climbed into a U-Haul, and started driving.

I was heading to a temporary location with the vague idea of letting my heart heal and getting my head on straight, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do beyond that. I wanted a home, but I also wanted to explore. I needed a nest, but I didn’t want to be tied to any one place. As I pounded out the miles in that big yellow truck an idea started forming, and that would lead me to this project. I call it Connected States.

This project is one part adventure travel, one part gonzo journalism, and one part social experiment. And you’re invited. No, really, you are.

For the next year or so I am going to be living out of a van. It’s a big-ass, kick-ass van which I have customized to meet my high-tech needs. It will be my home, office, and base of operations as I drive around the U.S. (and Canada? And Mexico?) seeking out stories to tell.

To read the full story by Gizmodo, click here.

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