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Gizmag: Have Life Pod, will travel

From the writers at Gizmag.

Inventor, engineer and author Michael R Weekes wanted to see how much home he could fit onto a small trailer designed for jet-skis, and still tow it with a standard car. The answer turned out to be the Life Pod: a tiny home that Weekes also envisions serving as a disaster relief or homeless shelter.

Bringing to mind the Ecocapsule, the shape of the Life Pod is inspired by American architect Buckminster Fuller. As such it consists of two geodesic domes, which are turned on their side and connected by a 10-sided cylinder. The 1,500 lb (680 kg) structure uses a lumber frame with TPO foam and Luan skin, with two small porthole windows and access via a single door.

To read the full story by Gizmag, click here.

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