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Geogypsy: Pack, move, park and settle in Kirkland Arizona

From the bloggers at Geogypsy.

RVers who move frequently have the pack and move down pat, as do I under travel mode.  But after being parked in one place for six months I tend to spread out and decorate a bit so there’s more to put away for the 5th-wheel roll.  Yet after moving the big RV twice a year for the last 11 I have it down and I’m ready to settle in Kirkland Arizona for the winter.

I start packing about two days before moving.  If I put things away too soon I’m sure to need them.  And don’t think I pack for two days solid.  I just putter around at it.  Tackling one thing at a time in between being online, reading and writing blog posts, labeling at least three month old photos, and checking chores off the list.  There’s always a list.  A lot can be forgotten since the last move six months ago.

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