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General RV: Make your RV more environmentally friendly

From the bloggers at General RV Center:

According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association – the folks behind the “Go RVing” marketing campaign – almost 20 percent of RVers say they use solar panels to power some of their on-board systems.

In addition, a recent survey showed that more than two-thirds of RVers minimize water use on trips, almost half recycle more on RV vacations than on other types and nearly half turn off home utilities before they hit the road. Finally, 94 percent of all RVers travel with 2-7 people, meaning the vehicles get more people miles per gallon.

That said, there’s more we can do to even further make our RV, and our RV camping trip, more environmentally friendly.

To learn about LED light efficiency as well as some other conservation tips, click here.

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