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General RV: Cleaning the exterior of your RV or camper

From the bloggers at General RV.

After a long winter stored in a super-secret location – outdoors in a field on my relative’s property – my camper is looking a little worse for the wear. Dirt, black streaks and tiny dark spots that can only be mold are evident all over the outside of the RV.

It’s time to clean the camper. A free Saturday, a favorable weather forecast and assorted equipment and products are all that’s needed for a sparkling clean camper.

Washing the Exterior

First things first, I spray down the roof and walls to knock the dirt clumps, leaves and seed buds off the roof and walls.

I subscribe to the top-down theory of cleaning, so we’ll start with the roof.  Using the long-handled soft-bristled brush and a spray bottle of Thetford Rubber Roof Cleaner, it’s up the ladder I go. I only clean about a quarter of the roof at a time before I have to move the ladder, but the dirt comes off relatively easily. Having the car wash brush makes it nice because the garden hose attaches to the handle so I’m constantly having fresh water on the brush. Once the entire roof is cleaned, then I switch to the spray nozzle and thoroughly rinse the soap off.

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