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Geeky Explorers: Tulsa time

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers.

Itching for a road trip after completing a month of Whole 30 (which makes it extremely tough to eat out), I wanted to explore a new city. Well, new to me anyway. Back before I met Keith, right after he got out of the Navy, he chose Tulsa to live. At the time, it was American Airlines hub and he had great visions of being able to travel easy being located in the middle of the country and get cheap flights. The reality was a low paying job and barely making ends meet.

For me, Tulsa was always represented by the movie The Outsiders, and even though that movie is old, and many of the places featured in the film were long gone, I still wanted to check the city out.

So, Tulsa for the weekend. We stayed in the Aloft hotel (gotta love pet friendly urban hotels) and it was super easy to walk around downtown Tulsa. Our first visit was at Hey Mambo that had pet friendly outdoor seating. Samantha garnered much attention (of course) and we enjoyed walking around, with a visit to the center of the universe. Last time we visited the center of the universe, it was in Idaho  – who knew there were so many centers?

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