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Geeky Explorers: Our new home base — Denton, Tex.

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers.

We’ve been traveling around this great country for nearly 4 years and much of that time has been in our 37 foot RV. While we took two city breaks in Portland, Ore., and Cincinnati, Ohio, we’ve relied on Crush to be our main home and she’s taken good care of us.

We’ve learned that we love to travel, and love to travel with our dog Samantha. We’ve also learned that at about the 6 month point in the RV, we start to crave a little bit of space. The mantra of life is great if 80 percent of the RV is in working order gets a bit old, and things that used to be fun, like flipping switches to decide if I get hot water or clean clothes, gets annoying. After a break, all the crazy that comes with RVing is A-ok again!

Renting with a ‘vicious’ German Shepherd is hard and as the rental market gets tougher across the country, it makes it tougher for us to pick a random city and take a break from RV living. Our two previous apartment stays we bought ikea furniture and then donated it when we were through, but that gets expensive and a bit old as well.

We decided it was time to own a home again, but we wanted a small, affordable home as we still plan on traveling 4-6 months out of the year. A house would give us a place to land when we are craving space, and a home base so we can get involved in the community a bit more. I miss doing local theatre and want to return to college to learn a language, and Keith is looking forward to getting involved with tech groups. It will also be nice to get into a better exercise routine!

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