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Geeky Explorers: It comes in threes

From the bloggers at The Geeky Explorers.

We were parked in Colorado, where neither of us ever thought it was going to be as hot as Texas. Boy when we’re both wrong we’re very wrong!

Keith travels for his job, and it seems that when he travels things break. Not normal things like the handle on a drawer or something but electrical junctions catch fire and air conditioners fail. This time the AC failed and it was a hot few days waiting for Keith to return.

The weekend of that return however was planned for us to be in Fort Collins for a major event in a game we both play. So we weren’t around the entire weekend to fix the issue and didn’t get back till late Sunday.  Keith had already called around and the best we could do was moving the RV to a local shop who could try to look at it Monday.

We’ve worked with waiting for someone to try and work us in before and haven’t been wowed with the results as well we’ve had an AC fail before and Keith knows something about them so we opted not to move the RV. Instead we toughed out the first day and Keith looked at the AC in the afternoon. Turned out the starter capacitor (hard start kit) was running overly hot, a good sign it was dead.

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