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Geeky Explorers - Driving New Mexico

Geeky Explorers: Driving around New Mexico

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers:

If there is something we really love about New Mexico, it is the skies and the mountains. It makes us want to hop in a car and just drive – so we did quite a few times during Santa Fe stay.

Our first trip was up to Los Alamos, as Keith was pretty curious about the Los Alamos Laboratory and all the interesting things that went on here, and are still being researched. The Bradbury Science Museum is free and it is definitely geared more towards kids.

My favorite part was a wall of stories of what life was like in Los Alamos when they were building the atomic bomb. During our trip down to Albuquerque we hopped off the freeway and took old Route 66 for a spell, which reawakened the desire to drive the entire route.

To read the entire story about Geeky Explorer’s adventure in New Mexico, click here.

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