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Geeky Explorers: Bismarck, N.D. KOA

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers.

When I was scoping out places to stay in Bismarck, I quickly realized the options were slim. There was a state park, and a KOA. Usually I would immediately favor a state park over a KOA, and I did look into it.

Unfortunately I noticed a train track running right through the park which was strike one. Strike two was no sewer on the site, which is hard for a week. We still own our honey wagon, but since all the other stops this summer, including some state parks, had sewer connections, it seemed like a real PITA to bring it for one stop.

So, we decided on the KOA and it actually was a really nice, quiet stop. The sites were nicely treed and while not spacious, had a bit of room around them. There is a new grocery store just down the road and since Bismarck is compact, was an easy trip to get to the downtown center.

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