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Geeky Explorers: A blue apron alternative

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers.

Recently, we had the opportunity to try Blue Apron.  We’ve ordered the meals a few more times and we’ve come to a decision. If the box contains meat, we are likely to pass or at the very least seriously inspect the recipe associated with it.

Now, we haven’t had any extreme quality issues, but we’ve had chicken that is extremely fatty and not something we would normally buy, or a recipe that uses top round without any marinating resulting in an extremely tough, barely edible meal. On the plus side, many of their meals we’ve really enjoyed and we’ve liked a lot of the flavor profiles they’ve come up with. This week in fact, we ordered all vegetarian meals and they’ve been delicious.

Blue Apron has many competitors, and since we’ve liked the convenience of  this type of service, we thought we would try another to see if the quality of meat matches more what we would normally purchase.

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