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Geeky Explorers: 24 hours in New York City

From the bloggers at Geeky Explorers.

As we were driving away from Philly, I looked at our route to NYC. I noticed that we were surprisingly close to the Jersey Shore, and its a place that I haven’t been. What? Lunch on the shore? Twist our arms!

I altered our route and we headed to Asbury Park since it was in the relative direction of where we were headed. Asbury Park is famous among rock fans and was even the title of Bruce Springsteen’s debut album.

We rolled in and it was a treat to see the Atlantic and breathe in some salt air. We didn’t dip our toes in because it was $7 per person to get on the beach. Ouch. Anyway, we walked along the boardwalk and our overall impression was this area has probably seen some better days – seems mother nature gave it a wallop due to Superstorm Sandy.

After an overpriced (but good) seafood sandwich and some overpriced (but cold) beer in a plastic cup at The Anchor’s Bend, we were ready to head to NYC.

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