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Geeks on Tour: Share your location with Glympse

From the bloggers at Geeks on Tour.

If you fly your own plane, it is important to file a Flight Plan. Some people feel the same way about RVing! They’re on the road a lot and traveling to destinations unknown. It’s comforting to know that someone knows where you’re going, and if you make it.

I’ve spoken to many RVers who like to have some tool that their adult children can use to know where they are. Some use Facebook, some send an email or call every day. And now I’m meeting people who tell me they love using Glympse on their smartphones.

Whenever they get in the RV, ready to hit the road for the day, they “send a Glympse” to their son or daughter.

To read the full story by Geeks on Tour, click here.

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