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Geeks on Tour: FMCA rally at the Big ‘E’ in Massachusetts

From the bloggers at Geeks on Tour.

Kind of like you’ll find two major drugstore chains with locations in the same block, the major RV rallies seem to be scheduling themselves near each other. So, we end up with two big rallies right in a row. We were at Escapade in Vermont from July 22-30, then the FMCA rally started Aug. 3.

Although I appreciate not having to criss-cross the country and arrange our whole year according to the rallies, it would be nice to have a little more time between the two. We enjoy the rallies and have fun, but we are also working pretty hard. We’re exhausted by the end of a rally. Even more so at the end of two rallies back-to-back. Luckily, the grounds here at the Eastern States Exposition, provide for staying parked after the rally at $20/night. The rally was over on Saturday – now it’s Monday and we’re still here. The Internet was good enough for us to do our “Button” show on Sunday. This was episode #90 on Sync’ing Contacts.

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