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Geeks on Tour: Dive, dive, dive

From the bloggers at Geeks on Tour.

We’ve promised ourselves at least one real dive trip every year and this year we booked a week on the Blackbeard Cruises. It was supposed to be a group trip with our New Jersey dive buddies – just like last year – but Hurricane Joaquin put a stop to that.

Nassau airport was closed on Friday 10/3 for fear that the hurricane was going to hit them hard, but it didn’t, so our flight on Saturday morning was fine. But Joaquin was still blowing and was possibly headed to New Jersey, so our friends cancelled. We missed them, but it did make for a less crowded boat! Only 16 passengers.

We had beautiful weather for our week, but the visibility was pretty poor due to the hurricane passing thru. Do not book a trip on this boat if you’re accustomed to hot showers and clean towels.

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