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Gear Junkie: Rent a ‘rugged’ RV this summer

From the bloggers at Gear Junkie.

Rugged RVs and trailers let you get off the pavement and over rough 4×4 trails, but they come with a hefty price tag. A new wave of companies in the U.S. rents these rugged campers (and some cool vintage models, too). From modified vans to standalone adventure rigs, these rides will get you into the wilds in style.

Teardrop Trailers – Off The Grid Rentals offers custom-made teardrop trailers and rooftop tent setups. It’s based in Orange County, Calif., and rents to the “family-oriented outdoorsman” who wants to take their weekend car camping to the next level.

The company’s custom Socal Teardrops “Krawler” trailers have suspension and a low-slung body designed to handle rough roads. The rear of the trailer opens to reveal a stove, cooler, or fridge (depending on model), and a storage space.

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