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Gear Junkie - EarthRoamer

Gear Junkie: EarthRoamer is ultimate adventure camper

From the bloggers at Gear Junkie:

Ski bums, dirtbag rock climbers, and off-road explorers, meet your dream machine. The EarthRoamer camper/truck inhabits a rare niche — small compared with the bus-size motorhomes that roam American byways, and capable of handling rough trails and snow.

EarthRoamers sleep four people in a self-sustained cabin with solar panels on the roof, water tanks, bunks, and satellite Internet and TV for a link to civilization. These are adventure-mobiles extraordinaire.

With that comes a heavy price — they start at the staggering amount of $280,000. Why? I went to the epicenter this week to find out, touring the EarthRoamer factory in Dacono, Colo., just north of Denver.

To read more about EarthRoamer campers and Gear Junkie’s expedition to the factory, click here.

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