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Gear and Style: 5 high-tech portable spaces you can live in

From Gear and Style 

Have you heard of this relatively new thing called “Glamping?” It’s the same as camping but without all the fuss of dirty living. To be more specific, it stands for glamorous camping. A traditional tent is replaced with a modern cabin, high-tech safari tent or a portable camper.

The folks who go glamping get to spend their days and evenings out in the secluded wilds, yet they’re afforded all the amenities of modern living.

Not surprisingly, the practice has birthed a new type of technology — or gadget if you will — designed to accommodate glampers. These are portable living spaces, like campers, RVs or trailers, outfitted with some pretty unique, and awesome high-tech amenities.

Of course, these new portable living spaces are not just for glamping. They also work great if you’re traveling cross country, spending a few nights in a strange place, or just want a place to lay your head.

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