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Gear and Style: 12 outdoor essentials for the man of leisure

From the Gear and Style blog

The outdoors is a sanctuary for many, especially active and adventurous men. But what about those trips you want to take with friends that are less about bagging peaks and more about relaxing in the comfort of your own natural paradise? Even the most pampered of men can enjoy their time in the outdoors when they’ve got some not-so-essential essentials. Ditch the idea that you have to rough it on your next adventure, and check out these products for your next car-camping trip.

1. Aromaflage

Bug spray 2.0, this is the ultimate insect repellant for the bougie guy. Aromaflage is the perfect glamping accessory that also solves the problem of pesky bugs. The botanical fragrance and insect repellent is filled with amazing essential oil notes like spicy cardamom, warm cedarwood, and snappy spruce. Aromaflage is cologne meets bug spray meets high class for the most discerning of bougie men.


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