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Fulltime Families: Walk through Captain Phillips’ lifeboat

From the bloggers at Fulltime Families.

I’m sure you recall in April 2009 when Captain Phillips was taken hostage aboard his own lifeboat from the Maersk Alabama by Somali Pirates, but did you know that you could actually see and walk through the lifeboat?

The lifeboat is on exhibit at the Navy Seal Museum in Fort Pierce, Fla.

When you visit the Museum, you can board the lifeboat upon which Captain Richard Phillips was held hostage for five days before being rescued on April 12, thanks to the accuracy of Navy Seal snipers.

You can board the Alabama lifeboat at the Museum and see the holes left by the Seal bullets as they opened fire simultaneously, firing three bullets and killing three pirates.

The Maersk Alabama lifeboat arrived at the Museum on in April, 2009. We [The Navy Seal Museum] assisted the makers of the motion picture Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks, due out in October, 2013.

To read the full story by Fulltime Families, click here.

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