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Fulltime Families: RVing in cold winter weather

From the bloggers at Fulltime Families.

With winter being upon us and things freezing, I wanted to share some winter tips for you full timers who might be new to this.

First things first, most newer and even a lot of older trailers and 5ers have dual tanks, and you can leave both tanks open and it auto switches. Do not do this. In the middle of the night your heat will drain both tanks and you will woke up frozen with no way to get warm.

Instead, only open one tank that way if it runs out you can just go switch the to other and refill the empty one. I will even keep a spare tank handy in the winter just in case. If you are going to be gone from your rig all day, check your tanks before you leave. Coming home to frozen pipes or pets is no fun.

I recommend getting online or go to a truck stop and get thermometer with an alarm. Set it to like 40 degrees or something. That way in the middle of the night when propane runs out, the alarm will sound, you can get up and turn on the still full tank and save everything from freezing.

If you are parked for a long time, skirt the bottom of you rig with something to keep the cold air out from under it. Styrofoam insulation and 1×1″ is cheap at any hard ware store. This will keep your rig warmer and pipes warmer.

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