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Fulltime Families: Fulltime RV solar setup for a family of 6

From the bloggers at Fulltime Families.

We started full-time RVing 6 years ago from South Florida. We had not know what to expect other then we would be living in our 5th wheel RV full-time driving from campgrounds to campgrounds and touring the most beautiful places on the planet.

Electricity was never a concern or a thought at this point. I just assumed that we would always be plugged into shore power just as if we were living in our house. Once I realized that sometimes campgrounds are not always an option when traveling, we started overnighting in Walmart parking lots, as we would travel from one place to another. Our (2) 12-volt DC batteries would do fine until the one night we camped in a Walmart in Northern Florida where we had to run our furnace to keep warm.

Our batteries down to about 50% at 11:00 p.m., we went to sleep.  At around 3:30 a.m., I was woken from the camper shaking violently back and forth.  I naturally got up to see what was happening and discovered that it was 40 degrees in the RV.  My wife and kids being so cold caused the shaking of the RV from their teeth chattering and shivering!  I attempted to turn on the furnace when I discovered that our batteries were dead!  None of the lights, refrigerator, or furnace would run.  I covered everyone up nice and tight and we made it through the night.

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