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Frugal RV Travel: Lake Arenal

From the bloggers at Frugal RV Travel.

How we Survived Four Rainy Days

The micro climate on our side of Lake Arenal dictates that, without fail, we wake up in the clouds every morning. It’s windy, too, but by noon we are almost always under sunny skies with temperatures warm enough that we consider the same wind, “a welcome, balmy breeze”.

February is supposed to be the dry season here but this year the lake has seen more rain than usual. Perhaps an El Nino year is just a bad year to travel? Not necessarily. According to our friend, Carolynn, we just need to apply The Rule of 15.

The Rule of 15

Here on Lake Arenal, if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes, drive 15 miles, or drive for 15 minutes.

Wait 15 minutes for the rainbow. (I can’t tell you how many rainbows we’ve seen the past 3 weeks.)

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