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Fraserway RV: How to dewinterize your RV

From the bloggers at Fraserway RV.

It’s the first week of spring. Time for budding flowers, baby animals, and fresh green leaves.

Or it could mean 6 feet of snow.

In any case, us optimistic folks (and spoiled west coasters) can plan for dewinterizing now. And the first step to dewinterizing your RV, besides waiting for spring, is getting all the RV antifreeze out of your waterlines.

How to dewinterize your RV waterlines

First things first – do not leave your unit at any time during the dewinterizing process. You never know if you developed a leak over the winter months, or didn’t hook something up properly. You could be in for a big surprise if your RV magically transforms into a swimming pool in your absence.

Start by filling your fresh water tank. You’re going to need plenty of fresh water to flush through the lines. To take the stale tank or sweet antifreeze taste out of the lines, you can add Tank Fresh when you’re filling up the fresh water tank.

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