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Forgetting to turn the water off makes a soggy RV mess

Today’s story comes from Jen Holt, a Warren, Mich., native who has been RVing since 2013 in a fifth wheel:

No, this is not the story of Noah and his ark and the real “great flood.” This is the tale of the Holt “forgot to turn off the sink when we left the RV” flood.

I (Jen, for the record) was running around doing too many things at once. I noticed our Berkey water filter was nearly empty before we left, so I set it in the sink and began filling it up and I ran to the bathroom — and then I ran out the door. No, I didn’t turn off the water and I didn’t think twice about it.

We enjoyed a great time at a local strawberry farm with friends, which luckily wasn’t far away from the campground. We arrived home about an hour after we left to the sight of water pouring out of the bottom of the RV. We ran inside and after swinging the door open I quickly realized my mistake — THE BERKEY!

Long story short, since we were not on a site that allowed us to be constantly draining our sink water, the running water drained into our holding tanks. Once the tanks filled up, the water backfilled and began spilling out of the kitchen and outdoor kitchen sinks.

By the time we arrived, there were inches of water on the floor in the main area and being held in the underbelly. We quickly turned the water off, called for an emergency pump out and began mopping up the water. My husband, Drew, unscrewed a stopper in the underbelly of the RV and water poured out. Our neighbor came over to lend a hand and let us borrow his dehumidifer.

Within about a day everything had dried out and it appears we escaped any major damage, but I am sure only time will tell. I’m feeling so thankful that we were gone a relatively short time and all seems well.

LESSON LEARNED: Take a step back, slow down, and turn off the water when we leave the RV.

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