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Forbes: How this couple retired in their 30s to travel the world

Jeremy graduated from college on a Friday, started working on cell phone design at Motorola on a Monday and worked 80 hours a week for the next four or five years. What fueled his work ethic was $40,000 in debt — $35,000 from student loans and $5,000 in credit card debt for food and other essentials.

He bought a new car and a three-bedroom house, which turned his previous bike ride to work into a 40-minute commute.

Three years in, a girlfriend convinced him to take his first real, multi-week vacation — to the Philippines. He spent the first week thinking about work, checking email. But the scuba diving, mangoes and and tropical drinks began to have an effect, and by the third week, he was wondering how he could live like this every day.

He sold his house, began renting close to work and biking to the office. At a conference in Beijing, he met his future wife, Winnie, who is from Taiwan and had been saving 50 percent of her salary in order to travel. Now, Jeremy and Winnie are financially independent, travel the world and blog about their envious lifestyle on

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