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The Fit RV: Protecting the second alternator

From the bloggers at The Fit RV. 

If you read my post on our Generator Free RV, you know that one of the main components of that install is a second alternator. You also know that said second alternator rides pretty low up front. It’s all but daring me to run over road debris, curbs, gutters, and what have you. Doing something to protect that very expensive second alternator was one of the items on my “Next Steps” list in that post.

Since that time, I’ve been wondering what exactly to do about it. Out of desperation, I even started checking out HymerTrek rigs at Pomona to see what they were doing (since they have a similar alternator set-up). I saw that they were doing pretty much what I had already with the plastic factory skid plate, except they made a “bubble” of sorts to allow the alternator some room to breathe. The HymerTrek “bubble” was actually just made of flexible plastic as well.

To read the full story by The Fit RV, click here.

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