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The Fit Products for sand-free RVing

From the bloggers at The Fit 

I take a fair amount of ribbing both here online and at home because of my now-well-known aversion to sand in my things. That’s OK, and all you (gritty) people can go suck rocks because now I know I’m not alone. There’s a company out there that gets it. Witnesseth!

We actually get a lot of email traffic before the Outdoor Retailer show. The notice I got for CGEAR Sand Free Technology was actually mixed in with a bunch of other products. But just as I can feel a single grain of sand on the floor of the RV, I can also spot a single instance of the words “sand free” in an ocean of 10 point type. It took me no time at all to zero in on their products, and even less time to find them at the Outdoor Retailer show.

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