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The Fit My cold-busting iced tea recipe

From the bloggers at The Fit

Life, you little prankster you.

James was gone last week. A solo RV trip to San Francisco, I’m sure he’ll tell you all about it. I had big plans for that week, and I mean grandma-gone-wild big…Joni Mitchell cranked 24/7, sleepovers with the grandkids, too many cocktails with Mackenzie, eating foods I never get to eat because James doesn’t like them, etc.

It was going to be insane!

I actually planned ahead and ordered new speakers for cranking Joni in my office and texted Mackenzie the cocktail list off the new restaurant down the road. Really, I did.

And then Life played his little joke. Instead of Stef’s Week of Fun, it turned into Stef’s Week of Opposite-of-Fun.

Alas, I had come down with a cold.

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