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Fastway app

Fastway app helps select correct ball mount

Fastway Flash ball mounts are backed by a company with 70 years of experience building towing products. With three models, how do you determine if the Flash ALBM, STBM or the E series is best for the application?

In order to make it easier to determine which adjustable aluminum ball mount best meets the needs, Fastway Trailer Products recently launched a video and infographic comparing the features and benefits of each model. In the video, Trevor Millar, Fastway account manager, makes it easy to understand the differences between Fastway’s three top-selling adjustable aluminum models, the ALBM, STBM and E series.

If you are looking for a ball mount with lightning-quick adjustments, stunning good looks and one that’s almost impossible to steal, the ALBM is for you. With integrated (built-in) locks, you know your ball mount is secure on your truck, and the dual locking hitch balls make towing different trailers a snap. With a gorgeous finish and beautiful engineering, the ALBM is top-of-the line in design and function.

The Fastway Flash STBM is a quiet anti-rattle ball mount, a release from Fastway stated. It eliminates hitch noise, has a hand-polished aluminum finish, adjustable height and dual hitch balls for towing multiple trailers.

FLASH E series
The Fastway Flash E series offers design, engineering and craftsmanship with adjustments that are quick and easy, making it effortless to switch between trailers and get on the road faster.

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