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Family members to the rescue

When Norm retired from the Army we always said we missed our Army family. There was always the feeling of being looked after and being taken care by “one of our own.”

After Norm left his civilian job and we started traveling with Mainly Marathons, we felt we had found a new family. We replaced our Army family for a running family. There was a sense of belonging right from the start.

Fast forward three years and our running family is still intact. In fact, the crew has staged over 100 races in that three years. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and work so smoothly together we can set up the staging area of a race within 20 minutes.

We help each other out and have formed a cohesive team. The idea of teamwork goes a step further however because we have become family to each other.

Family members help each other out when there are problems; and while on the road staging races, problems can range anywhere from vehicle trouble to staging concerns. For example;

  • During a race series in the spring, Norm and I lost part of our RV roof in a crosswind. Two members of the race company arrived on site to assist Norm with temporary roof repairs.
  • During a race series we conducted earlier this fall, there were five flat tires between two RVs, all within a six day period. Tires were changed and dropped off for repair with one member of the group assisting the other.
  • During the most recent race series, one of the supply trailers broke down with a suspension problem. The part was ordered and overnighted but the race director and the trailer was stranded for two days before it could be fixed. The crew worked together without the race director to make the race happen as planned.
  • The last day of the same race series the staging area was new to us and we did not know we would have to climb a curve to get there. Norm and I were concerned about the trailer hitch clearing the curb but our faithful family members were waiting for us with blocks to build a ramp. The Winnie and trailer made it without an issue. The next morning we did the same thing in reverse; 2 campers, a camper hauling a toy hauler, and our Winnie pulling the trailer cleared the curb. Everyone stayed to help until the last vehicle was clear.

As Mainly Marathons race crew we all know our role to make the races happen. As family members our roles include helping each other, supporting each other and having fun together. Even though we may face problems on the road, we know our family members will help us over the bumps we encounter.




About Cathy Duesterhoeft

Cathy and her husband, Norm, travel throughout the United States in their Brave Winnebago working for Mainly Marathons. When home in Westfield, Wis., their RV is parked on a gravel pad while they finish construction on their new home. Cathy documents their many adventures on her website at

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