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(Photo courtesy of Destination Canada)
(Photo courtesy of Destination Canada)

Experience the festivals of Montreal this summer

There’s something unique and interesting about Montreal that locals already know and visitors realize the moment they arrive. The underlying energy radiating throughout this dynamic city deep in old world charm is electric and complex.

Expect the unexpected and you will be amazed at how unforgettable Montreal is from its wonderful French heritage to its famous year round festivals. Discover Montreal this summer and enjoy some of the wonderful festivals for the whole family.


Nowhere else can you enjoy the francophone music scene like the FrancoFolies de Montreal. Right in the heart of the downtown is where everyone gathers to enjoy the best francophone artists as well as musicians from all over the world. The streets are alive with free outdoor concerts that will have you tapping your toes in beat with the beautiful music.


Grand Prix du Canada
Grand Prix du Canada (Photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism)

Grand Prix du Canada

Stat your engines! Watch the city come alive with excitement when the Grand Prix comes to town. From the very first lap to the 70th, the anticipation builds as the cars roar around the narrow winding Gilles Villeneuve Circuit and their drivers focus on the finish line.

(Photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism)
(Photo courtesy of Canadian Tourism)

Montreal Jazz Festival

Thousands of music lovers flock to Montreal each year for the festival of all festivals – the Montreal Jazz Festival where living legends in the music world come to treat everyone to their own brands of music.

With 1,000 concerts taking place indoors and outdoors during the festival, there’s something for everyone in the family. Music fills the air at the free outdoor shows found each day at ten different venues starting at noon with sensational entertainment playing up to midnight.

The plans for this year’s festival are well underway with local legend Leonard Cohen already committed to perform. World renown acoustic guitarist Paco de Lucia, and trumpet player extraordinaire Wynton Marsalis both have been added to the long list of entertainers expected to be there.

Join in the fun and excitement this year from June 29 to July 9 in Montreal.

Fantasia International Film Festival

If you are looking for a community of people who love the art of films then you have to attend the Fantasia International Film Festival. It’s well recognized and all the real film makers will be here along with their very vocal fans.

Past attendees have been known to say it’s the best festival they’ve ever attended and film makers say it’s the most amazing place to show a movie. Why wouldn’t you want to join in the fun?

Just For Laughs Festival. (Photo courtesy of Destination Canada)
Just For Laughs Festival. (Photo courtesy of Destination Canada)

Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

It’s the largest comedy festival in the world so why wouldn’t you want to come and join in the laughter? Once again there’s plenty of free events taking place outdoors for everyone to enjoy along with all types of theater productions and stand-up performances. There’s interesting street art and more than 1,600 performances to choose from.

Festival International NuitsD’Afrique

This unique festival brings in talent from Montreal to Timbuktu, Africa, Caribbean and even Latin America. There’s magic in the air as the fans enjoy the music of the new artists who are just starting out to the greatest names in the music world. Not only is the festival about the music but it’s about families, history and art.

It’s time to discover Haitian, African, Latino-American arts and crafts, creative jewelry, paintings, sculptures and fashion at the Timbuktu market. Put on your boots and attend a workshop on gumboot dancing or enjoy the lessons on African dancing.

The Festival International NuitsD’Afrique is for the whole family to enjoy and celebrate.

Montreal International Reggae Festival

Artists Bob Marley and the Wailers helped make Reggae music popular during the 1970s. Yes, Reggae did originate in Jamaica, but today artists from all over the world have helped it evolve into something very special and by joining in the fun visitors will appreciate the unique and vibrant Reggae beat.

There’s activities for the children, kiosks filled with interesting merchandise, great food in the restaurants and information booths for learning more about Reggae.

Traffic in Montreal

Yes, the traffic here is busy!  There is no escaping it, but with a little bit of planning and taking advantage of Montreal being extremely cycling friendly it’s possible to get around comfortably.

A little bit of inconvenience is worth it to experience the cool little coffee shops, historic and charming streets, exceptional shops, and the chance to have some of the best cuisine in the world. Some of the main streets are closed periodically to make it possible for sidewalk sales, and street fairs which makes it even more interesting.

There’s always the Metro!

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Winter Festivals

Attending festivals in Montreal is possible almost 12 months of the year ranging from the Igloofest, Festival Montreal en Lumiere (High lights Festival), Under the Snow Event, or the Burlesque Festival in October. So come anytime!

There’s no right season to visit Montreal, but the summer months seem to be somewhat special with the distinctive and diversified events available for everyone to enjoy. It’s about the music, culture, arts, history and just having fun for everyone in the family. Montreal is definitely the place to be this summer.


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