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Expedition Portal: The cost of van and camper living

From the bloggers at Expedition Portal

If you have not traveled in an off-road capable live-aboard vehicle, you really should give it a crack. There is something extremely gratifying about rolling down a remote road, pulling into a level spot with a nice view, and simply crawling into the back to cook a meal and catch some shuteye.

According to the RV industry statistics, more than 365,000 recreational vehicles were sold just last year with an increasingly large number of those purpose-built to access the road less traveled. The once niche segment that consisted of the VW Westy and the occasional 4×4 domestic conversion van has now ballooned into a social movement called Van Life.

You can’t deny the allure of having your own mobile abode. Whether deployed for a weekend escape, or a multi-year journey, nearly everyone can appreciate the sense of freedom these vehicles afford. But how attainable are they?

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